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Leslie Szasz is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) with a master’s degree in social work from The Ohio State University. He has extensive clinical experience in providing counseling and crisis intervention for adults, adolescents and their families. He believes in a client-centered approach which encourages client involvement and participation in treatment.

Leslie is currently an Outpatient Therapist at Still Meadow Counseling LLC and the Center for Stress and Trauma Management. Previously, he was a Therapist at Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH) Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit where he provided counseling for adolescents and families in crisis. Before his work at NCH, Leslie was a Therapist at Pomegranate Psychiatric Hospital for Adolescents on the Acute Crisis Unit providing individual, family and group therapy. 

Prior to his clinical work on crisis units, Leslie began working as a Therapist at the Center for Stress and Trauma Management (CSTM). His focus was on working with emergency response personnel who have been involved in a critical incident. He has a specialty in Critical Incident Stress Debriefings and Critical Incident Stress Management. He is experienced in the use of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing to treat trauma associated with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

One of Leslie's most rewarding accomplishments is his work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for over 32 years where he was a Special Agent. He served as a Certified Employee's Assistance Program (EAP) Coordinator for the Cincinnati Division of FBI where he provided short term outpatient counseling for FBI employees and their families as well as responding to critical incidents in his 16 year tenure as an EAP Counselor. Leslie created and helped implement a suicide intervention protocol at the FBI which he considers to be one of his most significant accomplishments in support of FBI employees. 

With Leslie's extensive experience in working as a therapist on both adolescent and adult crisis units and his training with suicide prevention, he does not shy away from working with clients who are in crisis.

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